Terms & Conditions

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We recommend reading the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Making a Reservation

Reservations are made through the Yarra Cottage website using the calendar to check available dates and completing the online form. We will reply to advise payment and will confirm the booking once appropriate payments are made and cleared. If any payment is not received by the due date, the booking will be treated as cancelled and the dates released.

We will assume Terms and Conditions have been read prior to making the booking.

  1. Confirming a Booking

A confirmed booking means 1) Terms and Conditions have been read and accepted 2) Dates are as per the on line booking form and 3) Appropriate payments have been made by their due date. We only accept payments in pounds sterling. Entry to the property requires that all three parts are completed. The person making the booking agrees to the Terms and Conditions on behalf of all members in the party. This person must be 18 years of age or over.

  1. Payments

Deposit – an initial deposit payment of 30% of the booking is required. The Cautionary Deposit element does not form part of the initial deposit. If the booking confirmation date is within 8 weeks of the arrival date, full payment of the holiday will be due. This will include the Cautionary Deposit.

Full Payment – is required 8 weeks prior to the arrival date and will include the Cautionary Deposit. For advance bookings we will endeavour to email a reminder for the balance payment but it is your responsibility to ensure that payment is received by the due date. If the Balance Payment is not received by midday on the due date the booking dates will be released. The cancellation requirements as per our Terms and Conditions will apply in this instance

Method of payment – payment to confirm a booking is possible directly via electronic banking or by cheque. For the latter we will need 5 to 10 days from receipt for the cheque to clear.  Bookings made within 2 weeks from the start of the holiday dates must be paid via electronic banking.

We will confirm receipt of payment and email you to confirm funds have been received. Note for cheques this will take longer to clear. The dates are then secured for you. Once a booking is confirmed your booking is subject to the Cancellation Policy which form part of the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Payment of the Cautionary Deposit

The Cautionary Deposit will be advised at the time of booking the holiday and will form part of the cost of the overall booking.

A Cautionary Deposit is required to cover costs resulting from the action or inaction of the Client or a member of their party such as (but not limited to): the property being left in an unreasonable state, loss or non-return of keys, excessive or long distance telephone call charges, neglect or damage to the property, damage or loss of contents and/or, any extra or excessive cleaning costs required.

  1. Refund of the Cautionary Deposit

The cautionary deposit will be refunded within 7 days of your departure from the property less any costs incurred. It will be refunded by either electronic banking or cheque in accordance with the method used in the original booking.

In the event of damages we will notify you as quickly as reasonably possible. The cost of any remedial action shall be deducted from the Cautionary Deposit and the balance refunded to the Client.

In the event that the cost of rectification for losses or damages exceed the Cautionary Deposit held, we will notify you of any additional amount owing. We reserve the right to pursue recovery of any additional cost over and above the Cautionary Deposit and for this reason adequate personal liability insurance is recommended.

  1. Pricing Policy

We aim to keep our pricing for Yarra Cottage simple with the calendar year split with Peak and Off Peak rates. Different rates may apply for Christmas and New Year but this will be clear from our website. Please also note the Cautionary Deposit is over and above the Peak and Off Peak rates.

The price of the holiday will not be subject to any surcharges once you have paid the deposit and the confirmation has been issued. All prices are based in £Sterling.

  1. Cancellation Policy

Notice to cancel must be received by email or in writing. The following cancellation charges apply.

Number of days before the start of your booking Cancellation Charge
56 days of more Full deposit
29 to 55 days 50% of total cost of booking [excluding Cautionary Deposit which will be refunded]
28 days or less 100% of total cost booking [excluding Cautionary Deposit which will be refunded]

It is extremely unlikely that we would cancel a confirmed booking. If we do cancel your booking, our liability is limited to the cost of the original booking and we will not be responsible for any additional losses you suffer as a result of that cancellation.

  1. Arrival and Departure Times

We would ask you to adhere to the arrival and departure times shown. Changes to these times can be requested prior to arrival but are subject to confirmation from ourselves if we are able to accommodate this.

  1. Party Size and Members

There are limits on the maximum number of guests at Yarra Cottage, namely 4 persons. The number of guests must not exceed those limits. Admittance to the property may be refused or you may be asked to vacate the property immediately if this condition is not observed. At the time of booking we will ask for confirmation of the party size to assist in preparing the cottage.   If the size of the party alters without prior request and/or if additional Clients are given un-authorised access to the property we reserve the right to refuse admission to the property or to ask you to vacate the property with immediate effect.

The hirer shall not sublet Yarra Cottage and agrees to use it solely as a self-catering holiday accommodation.

  1. Care of the Property

We would ask all members of the party to take all reasonable and proper care of the property including buildings, gardens, fixtures, fittings, furniture, pictures and other effects in or around the property and shall leave them in the same state of repair and condition at the end of the rental period as found at the beginning.

All Health, Safety and Maintenance notices displayed in Yarra Cottage must be read and observed.

You are also responsible for locking and securing doors and windows when absent or sleeping.

In the event of any damage to property or equipment during the stay, you should notify us at the earliest opportunity.

You should leave all rooms in the property in a clean and tidy condition, cleaning all cutlery and crockery and placing all rubbish in appropriate waste or recycling bins. The cooker, oven, hob and microwave should also be left in a clean condition

We ask you to respect your surroundings and not to disturb or otherwise annoy the occupants of neighbouring properties. We reserve the right to enter the property to investigate concerns relating to the care of the property or to disturbances. We are within our rights to request that you vacate the property with immediate effect if it is found to be in a neglected or damaged condition. In an emergency or if a problem needs sorted quickly and you cannot be contacted, in these circumstances we can access without prior notice.

Failure to exercise reasonable care may result in deductions being made from the Cautionary Deposit.

On departure, if we are dissatisfied with the condition of the property we may refuse to take a future booking.

Please note: Do ensure that you take all your belongings with you when you depart the property. You will be liable for any costs incurred in returning your property.

  1. Inventory and house book

An inventory has been provided for the rental property and we ask that you report any discrepancies on arrival, otherwise the inventory will be deemed to be correct. The house book will contain useful information required to enjoy your stay including operating appliances.

  1. Personal liability and belongings

We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for loss of or damage to persons or any personal items, belongings or vehicles, however caused. Yarra Cottage is in a unique position within a rural setting, close to a fast flowing burn and is accessed over a narrow bridge with steps leading up to the property. We ask all guests to take particular care appropriate to their surroundings.

  1. Linen

Sun cream, fake tan, waterproof make-up and hair dye can all cause permanent damage to bedding, linen and towels and we would ask you to take care when using these products. We recommend that if you are planning to use such products during your stay to bring your own spare linen to prevent damage to items within the property. If damage / staining does occur and the items cannot be cleaned, a charge may be levied from the Cautionary Deposit to replace these items.

  1. Smoking

Please note there is a strict no smoking policy at Yarra Cottage including the exterior decked area. Failure to adhere to this condition may forfeit the Cautionary Deposit.

No candles are to be used.

  1. Pets

No pets are permitted at Yarra Cottage.

  1. Authority to Sign

The person who completes the Booking Form certifies that they:

1) Are authorised to agree the Booking Conditions on behalf of all persons included on the Booking Form, including those substituted or added at a later date, and binds them jointly and severally to these terms.

2) Are over eighteen years of age.

3) Agree to take responsibility for the party members occupying the property.

  1. Insurance requirements

We would ask guests to give consideration to the purchase of holiday insurance. Cancellation due to most reasons genuinely beyond your control can usually covered by a travel insurance policy. We shall not be liable for events outside our control that may prevent your holiday.

  1. Property Maintenance Issues and Complaints

Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if there is a problem or breakdown of the key services to Yarra Cottage. This includes electrics, heating, water supplies or problems with appliances. We will do everything within our control to arrange for these problems to be solved.

Internet Access for personal use is provided for free at Yarra Cottage. Neither a minimum speed, unrestricted bandwidth nor uninterrupted provision of an internet access service can be guaranteed.

Please report any pre-existing damage noticed upon arrival within 24 hours.

  1. Privacy and Security

For security and privacy we shall not disclose the full property address until a deposit has been received and the T&Cs agreed by the Client. The full details, including the address, comprehensive directions and key collection arrangements will then be sent on.


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